First and foremost, it’s important to note that power flushing must only be carried out by a fully trained heating engineer to ensure it is completed correctly and to avoid any risk of damage. The primary aim of a power flush is to clean any accumulations of rust, sludge, limescale and debris in the pipework of your central heating system. A qualified engineer will flush any blockages out of the system with a specialist power flush machine using high flow and low pressure. High strength cleaning chemicals, such as sludge crust breaker and descaler, are then added to remove any stubborn blockages within the heating system. The overall procedure includes:

1. System Pre-cleaner 

Breaks up dirt and blockages within your central heating system.

2. Flushing and Descaling Liquid

Targets sludge, rust and other debris and solves any circulation problems within your system which has caused cold spots on your radiators, boiler noises and pump failures.

3. Corrosion Inhibitor

Coats metal surfaces to protect them from corrosion or further rusting.

4. Neutralising Crystals

Neutralises any acidic flushing chemicals so there is no acid left in your heating system by the end of the process ensuring it is completely safe to use.

A Powerflush starts at £400 (including the expensive chemicals when replacing a boiler for up to 8 radiators or £40 for each additional radiator)
Its necessary to carry out to validate a boiler manufacturer's guarantee and if the central heating system is not clean it can block the boiler's heat exchanger. 
To check, touch your radiators at the bottom and at the top when the heating is turned on. If you can feel a big difference in temperature (bottom is cold) then the radiator is full of sludge and the system needs a powerflush.

Additional prices on inspection for power flush only jobs.

Call today to get your cenral heating system power flushed and maintained for a much happy and more efficient heating ssystem whilst prolonging the lifespan of your boiler radiators pipework fittings and valves! Whilst keeping warm and cosy...

What Does The Process Of Power Flushing Involve For A Professional?

1.Increased lifespan of your system Improved overall efficiency which can lower household bills and enhance energy savings

2. Reduced risk of breakdown

3. Increased reliability for peace of mind

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There are a host of benefits to using the power flush technique for your central heating system at home, which is why it has become a very popular service here at DJG Plumbing and Building. These include:



What Are The Benefits Of A Power Flush?

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